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The Venue

Nestled in the heart of Båstad, Norrviken is the perfect venue for The Aurora. Its meticulously landscaped gardens, pristine lakes, and harmonious blend of nature and artistry create an ethereal ambiance. The lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and strategically placed sculptures contribute to an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. Whether it's day or night, Norrviken sets the stage for this memorable moment
against its timeless beauty, making it an ideal and enchanting setting for The Aurora.

Event highlights

  • Curated Car Exhibition
    Stroll the show field, watch the world’s greatest collector cars being displayed, and enjoy a spectacular showcase of features and special classes. 

  • Scandinavian Hospitality
    Experience the best of Nordic cuisine from vendors scattered around the garden during the whole weekend. 


  • Market Street
    An array of vendors are invited to showcase the best in craftsmanship, cuisine and art.


  • The Aurora Garden Party
    As the sun sets, Norrviken turns into an enchanted forest for a garden party to remember

  • Junior Concours
    Family-friendly fun at The Aurora with ice cream trucks, picnics and events for the whole family

  • BMW
    Experience Sheer Driving Pleasure as you visit BMW and view their latest range of cars. And don't forget to get behind the wheel of your future favorite at the BMW Test Drive circuit. 

  • Koenigsegg
    You won't want to miss Koenigsegg, the home of the ultimate performance car and its immersive display, where you can get up close with true hypercars and pick up some rare merchandise.

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