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The Aurora is a brand-new event on the global automotive calendar. 

The Aurora Concours d’Elegance is a competition between Europe’s best classic automobiles from yesteryear.

The Aurora Hypercar Exhibition will showcase the world’s highest-performing vehicles from the most innovative manufacturers – the creators of dreams.

The Aurora Showfield is a specially curated display of up to 300 classic cars from all genres and eras. 

Join the Show

5-7 July, Båstad, Sweden

Which Exhibition would you like to apply for?

Owner Registration

Vehicle Information


Enter the Car Shows by filling out this form

To register your car for the exhibitions at The Aurora, please fill out the following form. 


Once your car is chosen, we will reach out to you about ticket selection. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marcus Berggren, Head of Concours via email at
or by phone at +46 707 81 40 53.


Highlights of Showcasing Your Car

  • Be a part of the inaugural The Aurora, Scandinavia's Premier Car & Lifestyle Event. A show like nothing else in the region.

  • Join a community of incredible individuals who share your passion.

  • Have front row access to the entire event and skip the hassle of parking

  • Enjoy complimantary food and drinks at the restaurants, lounges and bars which are scattered around the garden.

  • Make your mark in The Aurora's history books

  • Tell the story of your car and showcase it to fellow enthusiasts.

  • 2 people included in all packages.

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