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The Aurora 2024 - An event like no other

Three whole days of cars, lifestyle, entertainment and party! The Aurora is a brand new event on the global automotive calendar. It's a Concours with a distinctly Scandinavian flavor, to be held annually in the beautiful gardens of Norrviken, just 25 km north of Koenigsegg’s HQ in Ängelholm. 

The Aurora features a dynamic program that brings together the cutting edge of the future along with a sumptuous celebration of the past. 

Friday, July 5th

The Aurora is open 11:00-17:00.

  • 09:00 Public Hypercar Cortege through Båstad's center from Norrviken to the Koenigsegg Atelier Test Track in Ängelholm.

  • 10:00 1/4 Mile Race at the Koenigsegg Atelier Test Track in Ängelholm.

  • 11:00 Hypercar Performance Day at Koenigsegg HQ in Ängelholm 

  • 11:30 'Hypercars and Coffee Gathering' at Koenigsegg HQ in Ängelholm

  • 12:30 Departure from Koenigsegg HQ to Norrviken

  • 13:15 Iconic Classics meet Future Classics at Norrviken

  • VIP Lunch

  • The Aurora Talks with JP Morgan, Christian von Koenigsegg & guests

  • Hypercar Garden Cocktail presented by JP Morgan

Saturday, July 6th

The Aurora is open 11:00-17:00.

  • The Aurora Concours at Norrviken.

  • VIP Lunch

  • Concours classic cars visit to Koenigsegg HQ  

  • The Aurora Talks with JP Morgan & Rolls Royce 

  • The Aurora Gala Dinner and After Party

  • Stay tuned as we reveal more!

Sunday, July 7th

The Aurora is open 10:00-16:00.​

  • The Aurora Concours at Norrviken.

  • VIP Lunch 

  • The Aurora Talks with JP Morgan & BMW HQ

  • Awards Ceremony

  • The Aurora Farewell Garden Drive

  • Stay tuned as we reveal more!

A selection of happenings at The Aurora

The Aurora Showfield, handpicked cars from all eras

Koenigsegg 30th Years Anniversary

Field and Ghost Merch Shop

MOTIKON Classic Icons

Special Car Exhibitions in the botanical park

BMW Classics car museum exhibition from Germany

BMW Test Drive

Rolls Royce Driving Experience

The Michelin Exhibition: Innovation through the ages

Pal-V, the world's first flying car

Shamballa Jewels Exhibition

Bang & Olufsen sound & vision exhibition

The Aurora Gallery Walk

Art exhibitions in the park

Lars Lerin's art exhibition at Ravinen in Norrviken

Deutz & Röshults champagne bar area

Aurora Restuarant & bar

Aurora Picnic Garden Area presented by Lexington

By booking a Hypercar Package as a Koenigsegg guest, you will enjoy the best of everything The Aurora has to offer: premium accommodation, a VIP gala dinner, a cocktail party, and an exclusive opportunity to drive your vehicle on the Koenigsegg HQ Test Track.

And, of course, you can display your own car at The Aurora as part of the Hypercar Experience, if you wish!

Challenge your car at the Koenigsegg HQ Test Track

5-7 July, Båstad, Sweden


Join the show as a Koenigsegg guest, and enjoy the best of everything The Aurora has to offer.

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